My headshot philosophy is simple:  If you're comfortable and enjoying yourself during the process then you're going to get the shot that will best represent you.  So therefore, it's my job to make sure you're relaxed, at ease and having a good time.   It's your job to be ready to show the world who you are.

The Process:  

My favorite part of the job is being able to relate to the client.  If we're comfortable with each other then it's a given that we'll have loads of fun and tons of great images to choose from.   I communicate with each individual ahead of time to prepare for our specific needs.  It's why I love to offer the 20 minute consultation prior to our photo shoot.   The consultation is also a great way to get acquainted before-hand and we can discuss locations, clothing choices & make-up.    It's so cliche but the eyes are truly the window into the soul.   A headshot is not only your calling card, it's your business card.  We want to bring about personality, passion, power, and some gentleness into your images; we want your story told.  

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